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To purchase Art from or
enquire about prices and details regarding
Original Works, Customised Art, Public Art, Prints

Email Tania Summerell

When Emailing Please allow up to 5 working days for correspondence
Please use title or number when referencing Art

All Art may be purchased and transported with ease and security to
Anywhere in Australia and Overseas using a
Registered, reputable, reliable and trusted landline transport company and/or airline
Contact for specific details and other alternatives

Mixed Media Drawings/Paintings on Paper & Canvas

Would you enjoy custom made Art?
What creation would you like?
Just imagine anything to suit your aesthetic tastes, requirements and environment
Consultations available
Security Deposits necessary
Contact Tania Summerell to discuss the possibilities and make arrangements

To view available Prints
Go to Links - Prints and Recent Solo Exhibitions
Prints are available from the following series & exhibitions
‘Spirit of Nature’ Series & Exhibition
'Trisagion Series 101' – ‘Heavenly’ Ethereal’ & ‘Beyond’ Exhibitions
‘Where Heaven Meets Earth’ Series & Exhibition
'India' - ‘Bharat Anahata’ Exhibition
Others Available from Recent Solo Exhibitions - ‘Divine Origins’ ‘The Blossoming’ ‘Goddess Gathering’

Link to Public Art On This Site
Site Specific Mandalas are the Artists Personal Signature and are individually created for
Collaborated Private/Public Gallery Exhibitions, Festivals, Functions, Wedding Ceremonies etc
Contact Tania Summerell to discuss the possibilities and make arrangements

To view examples from a great selection of imagery from around the world Contact Tania

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