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I Saw The Beauty Go

‘ I Saw The Beauty Go ’
Boral Industries, Murwillumbah, NSW
Mixed natural & recycled materials, lighting, sound track
1.5m – 6m (h) x 20m (l) x 20m (w)

Black Bases

‘ Black Roots ’
Budd Park, Murwillumbah, NSW
Mixed natural & recycled materials, lighting
1.5m – 3m(h) x 7.2m (l)


‘Ipe Mandala’
Budd Park
Mixed Materials, Aerial Photo by Richard Tabaka
34m circumference


'Shanti Mandala’
International Day of Peace, Tweed River, Murwillumbah
Mixed Materials, Aerial Photo by Hyde Lotter
40m circumference


‘Message Sites Mandala’
World Environment Day, Knox Park, Murwillumbah
Mixed Materials, lighting
38m circumference


'Baribunma Mandala’
Wollumbin Festival, Tyalgum, NSW
Mixed Materials, Aerial Photo by Tania
67m circumference

Tania has been practicing transient art in various countries developing a tremendous unique creative personal signature. These massive Site Specific Ephemeral Installations – Earth Mandalas, with powerful, aesthetic and communicative visual symbols, provide a site of integration for community members to gather, educate and stimulate reflection. Integrating symbols of antiquity with contemporary symbols and encouraging the consideration and authentic beauty of organic and recycled materials, they are superlative and significant contemporary works of Art.

Involved with communities at various important International and National calendar events such as World Environment Day, International Day of Peace, Reconciliation Day, Harmony Day, Environmental & Cultural Festivals and Special occasions - Weddings, Births and Deaths. Contact artist for details and to commission a customised piece.

Femail Tweed Shire Women’s Service Publication Dept Community Services Issue 20 Coolamon Cultural Centre, Tweed Shire Women’s Project Coordinator Corrina Tay Commissions ‘Dubay Mandala’ International Women’s Day 2007
‘’The ‘Dubay Mandala’ incorporated ancient symbols representing women and .... an audience of women gathered ….to witness Welcome to country by Indigenous Custodian Deidre Currie and Ginibi Dancers performing traditional dances and songs on top of the Mandala to dance the ancient messages back into the earth...Mere Caesar, UN Indigenous representative and founder of the Wahine Maori Qld group with five Maori ‘song women’ gathered early in the morning around the rim of the Mandala to sing Indigenous Maori songs. The closing ceremony .… was a truly spectacular and memorable sight.’

Coolamon Cultural Centre Tweed Shire Community Projects Officer Jenni Fennaci International Womens Day 2007
‘Just beautiful, creating an energy of it’s own that in turn is reflected by all who share’

Minjungbul Museum & Cultural Centre Bundjalung Custodian Deidre Curry Commissions 'Minjungbul Mandala' for NAIDOC 2007
‘I have had the privilege to work on many occasions with Ms Tania Summerell and to see the exquisite Mandala Creations. The Mandalas are always specific to what is happening, with great spiritual meaning and aesthetic beauty …. everyone impressed by the intricacy.’

Tweed Shire City Of Arts Space Bundjalung Elder John Roberts Opening Speech excerpt ‘The Blossoming’ Exhibition Dec 2005
‘Tania has done some amazing work for our Festival (Wollumbin) especially the Mandalas. She has done that with love, her whole spirit, everything she’s done is from the heart …. If you look at all the tribes that came to this festival, the elders were so appreciative of the Mandala that Tania put down. Her and I looked at the ground and I said where do you want to put it, she said here is the spot, I said beautiful, because the ceremonial dancing is going down there so the two can be connected to each other …. on behalf of all the tribes of the Bundjalung, Thank you.’

Tweed Shire City of Arts Space Tweed Shire Cultural Development Officer Lesley Buckley ‘Healing Mandala’ Reconciliation Day 2005
“Reconciliation will only be achieved in Australia if it is supported and made a reality at a community level’ Patrick Dodson 1997 ‘This beautiful mandala is a true symbol of peace and reconciliation.”

Knox Park Environmentalist Jim Warburton 'Message Sites Mandala' for World Environment Day 2005
‘Here we are again bathed in the wondrous spirit of the gorgeous Mandala in the park, Tania who has worked so inspiringly for long hours to give us the joy and inspiration of the Mandala. Oh such a work of Art! Masterpiece! We can only behold for a short time then we let it go- release it with our dreams and expectations. A memory to cherish until next year.

Sri Virupaksha Temple

'Vijaya Mandala 11'
Vijaya Festival, Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India
22m circumference


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