Bharat Anahata Exhibition

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Tania Summerell with works
Mixed Media on Canvas
Photo by Crystal Spencer

Kamala One, Two, Three

'Kamala I – III’
Mixed Media on Canvas
53cm x 129cm
Also Available As Silver Halide Prints with Ivory matt
13.5 x 19.5 cm each print 19.5cm x 40.5cm triptych
$50each or Set of 3 for $140 + postage & packing
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Royal Palace Fort, Bundi Mataji Temple, Osiyan Royal Palace, Jaisalmer

Royal Palace Fort - Bundi

Mataji Temple - Ossiyan

Royal Palace - Jailsamer

In April 2007, the 'Bharat Anahata' Exhibition of Paintings by Tania Summerell and Photographs by Graeme Batterbury at the Nimbin Regional Gallery was a huge success with over hundred people attending the opening and being captivated by the complexities found within the well juxtaposed Art and sublime performances - a soul full Traditional Indian Dance by Gopali and Traditional Indian Music by the mesmerizing trio Anahata. Images of Art and Opening Scroll Below.

The Weekly ‘Exhibition Straight From The Heart’ April 2007
‘Tania is a talented visual artist and will exhibit the mixed media ‘Padmapani’ series of paintings on canvas which have been created whilst listening to and meditating on, sound energy, colour and ancient Indian Chants, Mantras and Bhajans. They articulate and encapsulate a life’s journey about the experiences expressed through the heart in rich textured and vibrantly colourful visual forms that have as their foundation ancient archetypal imagery utilising the lotus motif.’
‘Travelling with camera in hand, Graeme sees the journey as an exploration of the inner and outer spaces. The view of the world through the lens is a mirror to the world within. Graeme's photographs come from the heart and portray a vision of India as a deeply personal experience.’

Northern Rivers ECHO ‘Bharat Anahata: India from the heart’ April 2007
‘The exhibition, Bharat Anahata, brings together two mediums and two artists to explore and portray the inner world of humanity, spirituality and its contribution to human consciousness. The concepts are explored by Tania Summerell in a mixed media series of paintings on canvas, while Graeme Batterbury’s photos come from the heart and portray a vision of India as a deeply personal experience.’

Podcast Link - 2NimFM's Community Radio Broadcasting Wolfgang Stemmer interviews artists Tania Summerell & Graeme Batterbury April 2007

'Bharat Anahata' Opening

Opening Opening Opening


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