Divine Origins Exhibition

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‘The Dreaming’
Mixed Media on Paper
43cm x 64cm
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Guriyabhu One Guriyabhu Two Guriyabhu Three

'Guriyahbu I - III'
Mixed Media on Paper
50cm x 60cm each 50cm x 180cm triptych

The solo Exhibition Divine Origins opened at the Murwillumbah Fine Art Centre - Escape Gallery with over 200 people gathering to enjoy the diverse Art honouring and offering a glimpse into the diversity and similarities found within cultures from Australia, India, Tibet and Ireland with a stunning multi-cultural Exposé of Dance, Song, Word and Music. Scroll Below for Images of Opening. Exhibited for 6 weeks are striking, vibrantly warm palettes and intimate mixed media works on canvas revealing the ancient symbology and spirituality of India and Tibet. Colourful powdery textural works honour the ancient Celtic lore and mythology of the ‘Dinnshenchas’. Narrative works on paper with ceremonial ochres, charcoal and resins elucidate our Australian Aboriginal story, ceremony and law of the land, inter woven with the fragmented foundation of our current history.

The Weekly ‘Divine Origins-meeting of cultures’ November 2006
‘Although most the works had a narrative, there is a definite dichotomy of spirituality and the physical being present within each work as they tempt and taunt each other. Yet the works are unified, resolute and unwavering in their final presentation. It is our responsibility, as the viewer, to break down the traditional viewing platform and allow ourselves into the spiritual and dreamlike place depicted in the imagery. It allows the viewer to contemplate what lies beyond the visible? Tania's work is truly inspiring, amazing and breaks down every cultural boundary the Western capitalist world throws at us. The duality of existence in the imagery is thought provoking and honest.’

Sacred Breath
'Sacred Breath'
Mixed Media on Paper
40cm x 55cm

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Tweed/Border Mail ‘Capturing Wisdom of Ages’ November 2006
‘The work of local artist Tania Summerell Divine Origins uses motifs such as the serpent, lotus and Goddess to honour Australian, Indian, Tibetan and Celtic cultures ... the vibrantly coloured and deeply textured paintings were inspired by her extensive travels and an abiding interest in age old cultures … saying ancient wisdom in this modern world is an imperative to sustain culture and tradition, health and respect for the land and each other … her art is a means to educate and share information as well as link the past with the present.’

Tweed Sun ‘Local Treasure for Collectors-Escape puts Art on Map’ November 2006
‘The amazingly diverse exhibition reflects the artist’s travels and her interest in the spiritual essence of the cultures she encounters... Tania said ‘belief systems, customs, the land and spirituality build our culture, give us freedom, creativity and provide transformation and or oppression. Lives can be bound by belief systems from our ancient pasts, present and future and can either contribute to our understanding of each other or hinder our progression and journey together.’

Owner/Director Escape Gallery Decemer 2006
‘The beauty within your work is exquisite and appreciative comments are numerous. From our perspective we really enjoy your portrayal of culture similarity, your depth of knowledge of different races and the way you display this in a themed and spiritual manner. Your exhibition focuses on harmonious and positive aspects of humanity and your Art binds us together as one. You really are very unique…’

'Divine Origins' Opening

Opening Opening Opening Opening
Opening Opening Opening Opening


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