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Living Fossils

'Living Fossils 1-V'
90cm(h) x 12m(w)
Richmond Tweed Regional Library 2009

Living Fossils Living Fossils Living Fossils

‘Living Fossils 1-111'
8.5 (h) x 14 - 30cm(w)

Living Fossils Four

‘Living Fossils 1V’
Stoneware, digital projection
90cm(h) x 20cm(w) x 8.5cm (d)

Meganeuropsis permiana

‘Meganeuropsis permiana’
Timber, acrylic Perspex, plastic, aluminium
65cm(l)x 80cm(w)

Focussing on increasing awareness of the endangered species Petalura gigantea – giant dragonfly, the exhibition 'Living Fossil' was comprised of a series of mixed media sculptures, projections and drawings presented externally and internally throughout the Library space. The public were invited to discuss the art and concepts such as preservation and extinction with the artist. A 10 minute environmentally educational DVD documentary featuring the art and Tweed region was created and is available for schools and the community.

The Weekly 'Dragonfly delivers extinction message' June 2009
‘A giant prehistoric dragonfly with a 75cm wingspan becomes symbol to explore extinction as a result of mismanaged human activity within the environment. Tania said habitat disturbance, destruction and fragmentation through deforestation altering drainage systems, toxins and water pollution are all threatening processes that contribute to a decline and loss of species. Conservation, resource management and education can assist to limit these harmful processes that demand our urgent attention and will be addressed during this installation.’


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