The Goddess Gathering Exhibition

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Yoni Series

'Yoni 1-V Series'
Private Collection

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'Birthing Series 1 - 111'
Digital Photographs
From Set of 5 Silver Halide Prints
12.5cm x 18cm each

Yantra Yantra Yantra Yantra

‘Yantra Series 1-V111’
Pastels on Paper
56cm(h) x 38cm(w)

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The solo exhibition Goddess Gathering opened in Aug 2005 at the Wet Paint Gallery with enormous appreciation by locals and visitors worldwide, with the duration being extended from 4 to 6 weeks. Earthy installations adorned the Gallery and gardens and a ceremony dedicated to women was held around a massive earth Mandala that integrated the Art with ancient practice, the earth and all present. The opening conjuncted with a Women’s Luncheon, Music, Experiential Art Therapy Workshop and Open Mic day welcoming all women to come together, speak and share stories and poetry with a focus on sharing, education and celebration of the feminine. Many enjoyed Guest speaker Justine Elliot MP speaking about a variety of women’s issues and sensational music by 6 piece Brisbane women’s band Bertha Control and musical poetry by Montage.

Daily News ‘Celebration of the Goddess’ August 2005
‘Goddess Gathering Exhibition is a cohesive body of works by Murwillumbah artist Tania Summerell that illustrates a continuous dedication towards healing and the sacred feminine…The vibrational colours, textured surfaces and emphasis on light are keys to assist this journey and are combined with various technical approaches and the support of the many creative mediums.’

Wet Paint Gallery September 2005
‘There was a huge appreciation for Tania’s art from a vast majority of people who came in. It touched so many people and they expressed their heartfelt gratitude. Many were unexpectedly moved by the work, it was very exciting. I appreciate the symbolism and the nature of the work. It takes me past the feminine and masculine to the whole realm of equality between the two. I want to promote Real Art not Wallpaper art and do not want to compromise my ethics to run a business. This is great.’

Lemming Underground Publications ‘Tania Summerell - Goddess Gathering Exhibition’ Issue 3 July 2005
‘The exhibition ‘Goddess Gathering’ displays the immense creativity and diversity of this inspiring and prolific artist. Over the 4 week period there will be something for everyone to enjoy - symbolic, sensual and vibrant paintings, narrative and meditational drawings, exquisite ceramics, joyous sculptures, limited edition prints and revealing photography. There is a series of textural and colourful works that incorporate and embrace the ancient art form of using Yantras - symbolic images, used as a focus for meditation…a visual image of a sound…The works attempt to communicate, inspire, stimulate and acknowledge the sacred.’

Tweed Sun ‘Goddess Theme in Tania’s Work’ August 2005
‘I’m interested in colour, light, texture, perception, intuition and in spaces where edges are lost. I like to investigate how these elements can be utilized to depict  and recreate both my interior and exterior world of sensation and soul seeing.’

Justine Elliot MP Goddess Gathering Exhibition August 2005
‘The day was a unique chance for local women to celebrate and also discuss issues that local women face everyday. I was really pleased to meet so many women from across the area and hear about their experiences. We have so many talented local artists and Tania is no exception. Her work is simply beautiful and I urge anyone who is interested to go and see.’

The 'Goddess Gathering' Opening

Opening Opening Opening
Opening Opening Opening


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