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'Spirit of Nature'

Mixed Media Paintings on Paperboard
Gouache, wax, oil bar, pastel, ink, acrylic, water colour

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'This body of works is inspired by the Tweed Valley in Northern NSW Australia, a landscape of magnificent vistas and intimate valleys and is an attempt to celebrate the energies of nature and the mystical quality of this divine space with the use of atmospheric colours, sensual textures and an ethereal sense of lighting. There is a cohesive fusion taking place between the intangible and tangible properties of nature where figures and form rise out of vapours and mist and merge with the environment.' Tania Summerell
Here there is ‘fusion of the figure and the landscape’ Arthur Boyd

Director of the Tweed Regional Gallery Gary Corbett New South Wales Australia 2002
‘Intangible, fleeting and transparent. It’s easy to say that these are defined as spirit, that these are transparent, they’re lustrous and they have a wonderful sense of being able to see the landscape through the spirit, so it becomes one. There are areas of exquisitiveness about them. There are lots of various layers to these and it’s a matter of being able to go through the layers and see exactly what is and what is perceived within these works. This is actually where you’ve got your strength. In the solid nature of the colour and the solid nature of the work that you’ve done here, the process is still the same but the transparency and the spirituality of the work isn’t brought out by the nature of the medium, its drawn out by the way you’ve actually done it. It’s the process. That’s lovely.’

Water Sprite Flight Of Joy Waterfall Woman


'Flight of Joy'

'Waterfall Woman'

'Where Heaven Meets Earth Series'

12 Exquisite Mixed Media works on Saunders Waterford Series B water colour paper (mould made in England)
Windsor & Newton Water colour, gouache, ink

Inspired by the majesty and elegance of the treescapes found within the forests on the Far North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. This series of stunning works superbly captures the soft muted hues and sun bleached canopies where the fingers of light reach through and caress long slender forms and adorn the senses.

Available are 12 images to choose from as Personally signed prints


Where Heaven Meets Earth One Where Heaven Meets Earth Two Where Heaven Meets Earth Three

'Where Heaven Meets Earth 1'

'Where Heaven Meets Earth 11'

'Where Heaven Meets Earth 111'

'Trisagion Series 101'

101 Mixed Media Paintings on Paperboard
Gouache, wax, oil bar, pastel, ink, acrylic, water colour

From the 'Trisagion Series 101' of 101 paintings, 35 of the most popular were chosen and are available as Personally Signed Limited Edition Prints. These Visionary, colourful and transcendental paintings have been exhibited in various Group and Solo Exhibitions and are a beautiful, spiritual and vibrant body of work of Divine Beings, Nature Spirits, Deities and Angels, celebrating liberation, serenity, joy, love and divinity.

A great opportunity to gift yourself or someone you appreciate and love

35 images to choose from


Beyond Karibu Zephyr

1 'Beyond'

6 'Karibu'

5 'Zephyr'

All Original Art and Limited Edition Prints may be purchased and freighted with ease and security to any where in Australia and arrangements can be made for overseas transactions using a registered, reputable and trusted landline transport company and/or airline.
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